Introducing ThreeDFrame

ThreeDFrame ('3D-Frame') is software for the structural analysis and design of three-dimensional frames.

ThreeDFrame is completely integrated within Microsoft Windows and can easily be used in multi-language projects or working environments. It even can serve as a major communication tool for engineers working from different countries on international projects. Therefore, ThreeDFrame is an active contribution to build a single European market.

ThreeDFrame features a powerful graphical user interface unmatched in terms of ease-of-use and productivity. Creation and modification of the structural model, running the analysis, and checking and optimisation of the design are all done through the same interface. Graphical displays of the results are always at the structural engineer's fingertips. Armed with ThreeDFrame, structural engineering becomes a delight.


Figure: The ThreeDFrame Graphical User Interface

About ThreeDFrame

Structural Analysis and Design of Three-Dimensional Frames
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