System Requirements

This Version of ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM runs on 
any personal computer (PC with a Pentium or higher 
processor) with one of the following operating systems

 * Windows 11® (Desktop App)
 * Windows 10® (Desktop App)
 (* Windows 8.1/8® (Desktop App))
 (* Windows 7®)

 * Hard-disk space required: 30 MB
 * additional RAM requirements: 512 MB
 * VGA or higher-resolution monitor (1366x768+)
 * Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
 * Optional: Touchscreen or Tablet-PC

However, a view features do NOT run on old 
operating systems or slow machines. 
If you plan to analyse large systems 
(e.g. 3000 Elements or more), we recommend: 

 * Multi-Processor System
 * 4 GB additional RAM

ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM is suitable 
to analyse large systems: 
64bit or 32bit-LAA with 4GB RAM: 25000+ dof 

Due to mathematical constraints no guarantee 
if given for convergence, completeness and 
accuracy of the results of the dynamic 

Installing ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM

To install ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM, run setup.exe, 
which can be found on your ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM CD.
If you downloaded ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM from the 
internet, run frame3D___.exe.
The setup program will prompt you for all additional steps.
To install ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM on a Windows machine 
administrator privileges are required 
(right mouse button - "Run as administrator"). 

To uninstall ThreeDFrame / ThreeDFEM, select the
  ThreeDFrame+ThreeDFEM -> Uninstall
item on the Desktop or the Start Menu.

- Command prompt as administrator:
   BCDEdit /set increaseuserva 3072
- Reboot