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TwoDFrameLT comes with two license modes: Academic/Teaching and Commercial.

Universities / Polytechnics / Professors / Lecturers / Students (Academic/Teaching):
TwoDFrameLT is the little brother of TwoDFrame. TwoDFrame already is a big help for thousands of students in more than hundred countries on five continents. TwoDFrameLT is ready to top TwoDFrame. All a student needs to run TwoDFrameLT is an Android smartphone or an Android tablet.

The Academic mode is and will be free of charge and without any burocratic hurdles for academic / non-commercial users. Just download and begin!
Professors and lecturers are asked to mention TwoDFrameLT at relevant places (e.g. homepages, lecture notes, publications).

Engineers and others (Commercial): You are welcome to download and to test TwoDFrameLT, but you must pay the license fee before using TwoDFrameLT on a project. TwoDFrameLT is not 'freeware'. However, licenses are sold for a small price.

Most of the features are running without a license number and may be freely used for teaching purposes, e.g.: First order analysis of two-dimensional frames or continuous beams, timber design according to Eurocode 5, steel design according to Eurocode 3, reinforced concrete design according to Eurocode 2, ouput of all matrices of the matrix displacement method (stiffness method).

The following advanced analysis options are enabled with a valid license number: Second Order Analysis (P-Delta), Elastic Foundation, Model Column Method, Elastic-Plastic-Design (E-P), Plastic-Plastic-Design (P-P), Buckling Design.
License numbers for academic purposes are and will be distributed for free and without burocracy to professors and lecturers. Students can use the advanced analysis options on the computers of the universities. Free license numbers for the students' private smartphones or tablets are not available. We kindly ask for your understanding. Students are asked to contact their lecturer.