FAQ (frequently asked questions):

Working with a device of limited capacity and space can be tricky. TwoDFrameLT is not a CanDoThreeOrFiveNiceLittleThingsApp. Have some patience to try around and you will get a fully featured desktop application in your pocket.

Q: Why is TwoDFrameLT not found on the 'safe' XY-Store?
A: We are free engineers and have no relationships with the XY-Store. If the installation without XY-Store was not possible, as it is the case with M. or A. for 'safety reasons', TwoDFrameLT would not exist at all. Thanks goes to G., that they (still) allow (restricted) freedom to exist. The question to all of us is: Risky freedom (democracy) or totalitarian security (dictatorship)?

Q: I cannot enter negative numbers or I cannot find the decimal point.

A: On some devices an error on the numeric keyboard has been introduced. Install an additional keyboard (e.g. Google Keyboard).

Q: I am using a smartphone with a small display or a display with a low resolution. Parts of the input dialogs are not visible.

A: If possible, always work in portrait mode (long side up). If the screen keyboard is hiding a dialog, press the "Back" button. Only rotate your device to display or print results. If you still have troubles, select a smaller font size while working with TwoDFrameLT (Android-Settings-Display-Font size). If you still have troubles, it's time to think about a new smartphone or tablet...

Q: When working in portrait mode, I cannot see the Options menu.

A: Touch and hold (long-tap) the Background Menu in the corners of the view. If you do not need the (non-standard) Background Menu, turn it off in the view settings.

Q: I am using a tablet with a large display or a display with a high resolution. Why is everything so small?

A: It's a compromise, to make TwoDFrameLT work on nearly any Android device. Select a bigger font size while working with TwoDFrameLT (Android-Settings-Display-Font size).